New beginnings💕

A new year, a new start,
Forgetting the scars of the past;
Newer ideas ventured upon,
Protecting the happy soul from a frown;

Blood connects above all others,
The pulse that kept us four together,
Fulfilling a dream of flying high,
With the epitome of love over the seas and sky!

The heart speaks in numbers,
Beats across the logic that reasons out a purpose,
Miles apart from the ones that matter,
Shook hands with people, from all over the nation!

Seeing my other half fly away,
A part of me felt empty that day,
We grew up together in love and tears,
Your potential shall help you flourish, no matter what the struggles!

Faith deepened, bond strengthened,
In my creator, my breath I surrender,
He leads my way and I follow Him,
With the many others He has gifted unto me!

It’s a reality check,
Major decisions to take,
Humbling the heart,
For the new start!



The creation of God involves a difference of gender,
He never meant one is above the other;
Characteristics may be different from each other,
Doesn’t mean one can be dominated whatsoever.

The gush of fear that is felt within,
An inappropriate touch, or a fierce push let in,
The face turns stubble, and the body turns numb,
Fighting against the evil, the goodness is rubbed.
In a meek voice, I say #metoo

A misconception is let in,
Of a larger population of sufferers being women,
Not forgetting that all are equal,
Men suffer too in this sequel.
Let us hear their #metoo

Since ages, the voices are compressed,
Of women, not letting them be opinionated,
Inspite of the modern customs and improvisations,
She isn’t allowed to keep forth her proposition.
With a tearful stutter, I say #metoo

May the difference in gender,
Help us in uplifting the other,
Not compressing each other’s voices,
Taking the other to heights above all noises.
May we never again get to hear of a #metoo



Do you hear me?

The voice meddling in the valley of darkness;
Trying to reach to someone, regardless,
Of the fact that only a few care,
To the cry of the other, in weariness.

As the sun sets, a condition is laid,
On women, being in the four-walls to escape,
Escape the trauma and deadly sin,
Tearing her apart, piercing her heart with cruelty as a sharp pin,
Our beloved sibling, as she lay,
In the capital city torn apart in dismay,
None could hear her cries and none decided to lend a hand,
Eventually, we bid her goodbye with a sorrowful heart, her pain we’ll never understand.

A clock is made to show us the hour,
The hour of the day and in it, vested the power,
The power of the time that’s given for us to use with a sense of judgement,
May we judge right and not get into wrong upliftment,
Upliftment should only be to make our life on this earth worthwhile,
Worthwhile so we don’t regret when we, on our last day, lie,
Lie with our eyes closed, and pulse shut,
Shut in a way, we cannot do anything about our previous atrocities, brutal as they are,
Forever ready to lend a hand,
A helping hand, to our siblings beginning in our land.❤️


Dawn to dusk. 🌄🌑


Ever felt a pain so deep that could tear the heart apart?
It’s high time to fix it, to get through, in a world so rough and tough;
Ever been through a phase of hardships that couldn’t be tackled?
Got to face it all, fearless, with a sense of courage to gain pride and honour;
Ever felt so low that smiling away seemed too much to weigh?

Cast out all the sadness because happiness is the key to victory, the victory of life, come what may!

There is a hand to hold, a hug to cherish,
With one of the many others, who lend a piece of advice, that motivates us to move forward, with smiles to nourish;
The smile turning into laughter and the soul jumping with joy,
Dawn to dusk, I believe I’ll find thee by my side!
Covering up the pain, giving rise to happy moments overpowered with a smile,
We all depend on another, to get through life on this earth with pressures turned into a pile,
Has our inner strength overpowered, telling us not to worry whatsoever?
The only person that is going to be there for thee,
We got to remember,
Is thyself no matter what the struggle,
Trust being a major factor, trust thyself and be ready to witness a miracle;

Dawn to dusk, I believe I’ll find me by my side.



We rose together against all odds,
We climbed the walls of extreme heights,
Here we are, bound as one family,
To strive together through all that’s ahead of us in time.

In this world of time changing with such haste;
Time, so precious, we cannot waste,
Wasting it by upholding differences of thought and culture,
Instead, planting love in unified humanity, those differences shall nurture.

Joining together with the epitome of peace,
May violence forever cease;
The darkness that’s bound by sin and distrust,
May to light, the goodness be brought, forming it as a hardened crust.

Our breath is precious, to us and to many around,
May we realise the value of it, very soon, to be safe and sound;
The solution to any problem is not putting a full-stop,
Instead, a comma shall help us pause and see how beautiful life can get, if we aim to be on top.

Gratitude cannot be expressed in words,
The feeling of being a part in this wonderful world,
Especially in a community of wondrous people,
Humanity, thank you for letting me create a ripple in this mighty ocean!


The complete man!

The childhood’s gone,
And so has the childish play;
I wish I would get another life to spend it, this way.
Without replacing a single human,
Especially the one with the perfect wit and humour.
You taught me right from wrong,
And corrected me with a smile when words fell short.
Your life is what I have looked up to,
I wish to imbibe that good nature from you.
There have been times when happiness didn’t spark,
Tears overpowered, and a flame struck our hearts;
But one magical word came to the rescue,
‘Sorry’ did what other words couldn’t do.
Thank you for being one of the real reasons of what I am today,
If it weren’t for you, I wouldn’t have had such an amazing life to this day.
As you begin a new venture in your life,
Good luck, happiness and prosperity is what I wish for you,
‘Raymond, the complete man’ I owe so much to you!

Your beloved sister



A warm, bright and sunny day;
Astonishingly, the black clouds paved their way,
Darkening the earth and all its beings;
Into a short span of sufferings,
Not to forget the shattered dreams.
None could see the plight of this grief stricken state,
And hence chose to help every mate.
The state stood strong among the hustle and bustle,
And so did mankind with a nature so subtle.
God’s own country, as they said;
God Himself chose to help them stand.
With a head held high and a heart so naive,
The state rebuilds itself again;
Into the majestic one it’s always been.
The scenic backwaters that lead every eye gaze at it,
The knowledge of the people that drives away every myth.
Here is our very own Kerala climbing again,
To reach the wondrous heights of beauty it has always possessed.

With a compassionate heart


Dearest friend.

Come by, my dearest friend;
Sing me a lullaby.
Help me sleep away my distress,
Into those unending hours of restlessness.
My heart is aching, feelings dying;
In a world of love losing it’s meaning.
I know not of a better person to reside my trust.
You wipe away my tears unseen and accompany me skillfully in the laughter I keep faking;
I have known you since a very long time;
You have shared a part of yourself with mine.
The reason I breathe is the pain you underwent,
Bringing me into this world of dreams and fulfillments.
I couldn’t ask for a better friend and mentor,
Because all that defines you, O my Mother♥

With love




Here is my attempt at something different, enhancing positivity in what I write and I hope it reaches out to all of you, the same way!

Good company in a journey makes the way seem shorter. -Izaak Walton. I yearn for your support and hope that I will get it.

Lots of love